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Data, Confidence, Practicality

Sentry Interactive allows you the confidence to bring people back together. We converge at the intersection of safety, security, communication, and collaboration. Our data driven and people focused, practical designs push us all in the right direction—coming back together. We haven’t forgotten what it’s like to commune, energize, and create in unison. It’s time to reconvene.

A problem cannot be solved with the same consciousness that created it.

Why Now

Dealing with change is not a new thing. The past few years have forced all of us to think differently and operate in new ways with the global pandemic—and much of our new normal has created an ever-evolving state of uncertainty. Masks or No Masks? Temperature high—go home or maybe not? Who’s in the office today? Do I have the space to allow people to socially distance … at this capacity? Can we share a conference room or a classroom? Can my people safely return? Tough questions for sure.

We are the first to admit, it’s all very confusing. We are not here to judge, and we definitely don’t have all the answers. But we do have some of the solutions that will solve for your unique needs now, and prepare you for the future.

How We Do It

Customer-Driven Innovation

With our approach to reimaging modern work and play environments, the ideal solution for your organizations is finally within reach. Our design was based on countless conversations with existing and potential clients to find out what was most important to their business, their communities, their universities, and their people. Our products combine:
  • Screening technology
  • Surveys
  • Visitor management
  • Internal communications
  • Safety and security
In order to engage your employees, business owners, and guests on a level that allows for improved productivity and peace of mind when coming together in almost any environment.

Controlled Access

Allowing for the right or credentialed access to your facility is extremely important, and increasingly more challenging in today’s world. Your physical security, facilities, and front line teams need to manage physical access across hybrid workplace environments, employee safety, health screening, and granting access across all shared spaces. Sentry Interactive can play a key role in advancing the first line of defense and access points for your team in any environment.

Our integrated visitor management and wellness screening replaces outdated, archaic, and manual processes. Gone are the days of chicken scratch logbooks, sleepy security guards, recoil badges, and waiting in the lobby. Your employees, visitors, and contractors can now use their mobile devices for all screening and access—and because smartphones have built-in security, you immediately have an extra layer or security without expending any additional effort or cost. Welcome to the new age!

Consistency, Clarity, and Communications

Sentry ensures consistency in managing who’s in and who’s out. We provide wellness and safety screening for all employees, visitors, and vendors—securing your environment before access is allowed.

Additionally, we are continuously enhancing our customer experience and UI to meet the needs of our customers—with a flexible, AI-driven platform that will enable you to keep a clear line of sight and make real-time decisions in an ever-changing environment.

The key to any successful organization is clear, concise, and timely communication. Sentry can provide a captured environment where your key messaging, corporate communications, or even local advertising can be engaged with your audience one on one.


We live in amazing times. Integration points and data extraction techniques provide information that has never been gathered before—and allow companies to blend it with existing platforms so it can be used to make more intelligent decisions.

Our seamless, back-end integration allows you to make the most of any solution, and we’ve designed our platforms to connect with most major systems via open APIs. This allows information about ESG, (Environmental, Social, Governance) to be displayed as a showcase for your sustainability efforts. Capacity, carbon footprint and air quality are just a few of the items that you can display.


The leaders in the modern workplace are looking for the best path forward into the “next normal.” Being able to acquire data at the source and blend that with existing decision support systems helps teams stay abreast of current trends, draw conclusions from objective information, and allows for a corrective course of action as needed—and before it's too late.

With Sentry Interactive Tower and the Sentry Access Solutions you will have access to more accurate and robust information about the environment your employees are working in—which allows you to react real-time, and better predict and plan for the future. We can also do custom integrations as well as integrate into all major systems—which should keep your data science team happy and you well informed.

The Sentry Interactive Kiosk

Custom Solutions for Everyone and Every Environment

Sentry has taken a customer-first approach to the marketplace. We have listened to feedback from customers and potential clients across a variety of industries to ensure we have the right solutions at the right price. Our model allows organizations to start simple and grow based on current trends and needs—and it provides the flexibility to flex up or down as your work environments continue to evolve with the times. Getting started was never easier!

Visitor Management

  • Digital Receptionist
  • Visitor Management
  • Host Notification
  • Workplace Capacity Management

$500 / Month

Enterprise Management

Visitor Management functions plus…

  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Facial Recognition
  • Door, Elevator, Turnstyle Integration

$650 / Month

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