Our Approach

Sentry Interactive

Purposeful Products

When we set out to design our advanced digital communications and detection platform, we were laser-focused on how we could help any work or gathering place bring people back together. Before getting started, we talked with our existing and potential customers to ensure we understood what mattered most. We also took a purposeful approach to design and development of all our products and solutions—ensuring each was field-tested, scalable, and enterprise secure. From the smallest mom an pop to fortune 500, our solution can be tailored to meet your needs. We are Better Together.

of executives say organizations will need to consider new workplace strategies to remain competitive.

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How We Can Help

Our products and solutions were designed to meet the needs of our customers based on what their requirements are. Our customers told us they needed to ensure the workplace experience can be frictionless, safe and secure. Through those conversations we designed a set of solutions to meet those requirements.

Our products combine:
  • Staff less receptionist
  • Visitor management
  • Corporate messaging
  • Employee authentication
Let Sentry help you engage your employees, business owners, and guests on a level that allows for improved productivity and peace of mind when coming together in almost any environment.

We focus on functionality based on today's complex and evolving work and play environments.

Features that Scale

Visitor Management

Sentry Interactive takes a unique approach to visitor management by leveraging the visitor's smartphone as part of the credentialing and access process. Each visitor receives a unique digital key that is only good for a specified timeframe. This creates a frictionless experience for the visitor while allowing secure host notification and easy integration with the facility’s policy guidelines. Sentry also eliminates the need for sign-in books and temporary badge distribution, promoting digital transformation and sustainability—and providing enhanced security via the smartphone’s native security features.

Access Control

Sentry Interactive is revolutionizing the access control marketplace. Our solution requires no physical badges or cards, no wires, no drilling to mount controllers on the wall—and it’s two times more secure. Using a smartphone, with its built-in security, immediately gives you an extra layer of security without expending any additional effort or cost. And, if you want to bring your security profile to its highest level, we enable facial recognition as well. Allowing employees, visitors, and contractors to use their smartphones or wearables as the credentialing device creates a much more efficient user experience and significant cost savings for you. Just imagine the savings you will gain from being able to issue credentials without ever having to take pictures, print, or reprint traditional badges and cards again.

Virtual Receptionist

Implementing our remote receptionist module gives you the option to reduce staff or provide an added level of physical safety for your existing front office staff, as they interact with visitors in a touchless environment. Now, one person can manage multiple lobbies remotely, creating cost savings for you and added comfort for your receptionists. Your employees and visitors will encounter an immersive experience that is frictionless, engaging, and synonymous with the quality of service the world has come to expect.

Digital/Mobile Credentialing

Self Service is the new concierge and Sentry Interactive empowers you to provide a level of enrichment that you and your community could only imagine. Now your employees, visitors, and contractors can use their phones for just-in-time credentialing, 24/7 support, greater levels of security, and a variety of options never before available. It's like going from a 9-volt transistor radio to using Apple Music™.

Corporate Messaging

Employee engagement is critical when navigating an ever-evolving work and play environment. With Sentry Interactive’s advanced integration and architecture, critical and timely messaging for employees, visitors, contractors, and students are just a click away.

Custom Solutions for Everyone and Every Environment

Sentry has taken a customer-first approach to the marketplace. We have listened to feedback from customers and potential clients across a variety of industries to ensure we have the right solutions at the right price. Our model allows organizations to start simple and grow based on current trends and needs—and it provides the flexibility to flex up or down as your work environments continue to evolve with the times. Getting started was never easier!

Visitor Management

  • Digital Receptionist
  • Visitor Management
  • Host Notification
  • Workplace Capacity Management

$500 / Month

Enterprise Management

Visitor Management functions plus…

  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Facial Recognition
  • Door, Elevator, Turnstyle Integration

$650 / Month

Sentry Interactive Tower

Visitor Management ($500/month)

  • Virtual receptionist
  • Visitor Management
  • Host notification
  • Workplace Capacity
  • Temperature Screening
  • Mask Compliance
  • Health Survey
  • Vaccine Passport Capture
  • Reporting & Integration

Enterprise Access + Visitor Management ($650/month)

  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Facial Recognition
  • Management
  • E-911 Capability
  • Watchlist Integration
  • Door, Elevator, Turnstile Integration Availability

Sentry Interactive Door

Available in Q1 2023

Coming soon! Currently not available for pre-order. Contact us to learn more.

  • WiFi and Ethernet
  • Health Screening
  • Mask Verification
  • Vaccination Passport
  • OSHA/CDC Questions
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Reporting

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William Bainborough

Board of Directors

William is an experienced British entrepreneur, founder, and accomplished board executive and advisor for a number of businesses. He is the CEO and co-founder of Doordeck, the world’s only true cloud-based access control aggregator. He is also the managing director and founder of Group Secure, a leader in providing security, CCTV, and access control solutions, products, and installation for high-net-worth individuals in the UK. 

William established his first business at just seventeen and brings 20-plus years of in-depth experience and industry knowledge. He has a proven track record for building businesses from the ground up—and then leading them to profitability and a successful exit across a myriad of sectors including hospitality, retail, security, telecommunications, and e-commerce. William’s leadership, vision, and experience in creating cutting-edge SaaS-based technology platforms will prove invaluable for Sentry Interactive moving forward.

Denis Hébert

Board of Directors
Hébert began his career at Honeywell International where he held several leadership positions including Managing Director for the Automation and Controls business in France and eventually President of the NexWatch Corporation from 1999-2002. Hébert led HID Global as President & CEO over a transformative 12-year period from 2002-2015, where he provided strategic guidance and grew the business tenfold through a mix of strong organic and acquisitive growth. Most recently, Hébert was President of Feenics Corporation which is a cloud-based access control company that was successfully sold to ACRE LLC at the end of 2021. Hébert also served on the Board of Directors for the Security Industry Association (SIA) from 2009-2020 and was nominated to be Chairman of the Board for SIA from 2016-2018. He is currently Chairman of the Board for Nightingale Security based in Newark, CA.

Stephen Taylor Matthews

Board of Directors
Stephen is a very accomplished attorney, member of the Texas State Bar, licensed commercial real estate broker, and an avid philanthropist. He is an experienced executive board member, serving in leadership positions for more than 20 community councils and corporate boards—ranging from Boy Scouts of America to the ABBA Business Leaders Council, and most recently the American Bank BOD, the Real Estate Council of Austin, and the Marbridge Foundation BOT. With more than 35 years experience, Stephen and his firm, Barrond & Adler, L.L.P. are devoted to eminent domain cases in Texas.

Jon Davis

Board of Directors

Mr. Davis is an Experienced corporate board member, having served on boards of public, private equity-backed, and venture-backed companies. Jon possesses deep industry expertise in dairy, food processing, food technology and manufacturing, and food, beverage, and entertainment services. 

During Jon’s tenure of 25 plus years, he’s led operations, research and development, and mergers and acquisitions. He’s served as CEO and has been the founder and active board member for many successful enterprises—from startups to billion-dollar corporations. While COO and CEO of Davisco Foods International, Jon built a state-of-the-art cheese plant which was awarded the United States Dairy processing plant of the year in 2005 by Dairy Foods magazine. Currently, Jon is active with several non-dairy projects, including investments in local real estate, the Wayzata Brewworks, and his latest venture the new CōV restaurant in Edina’s Galleria.

Joe Caldwell

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Joe is an American entrepreneur, investor, and accomplished executive. He has co-founded, founded, and led many successful businesses, including US Internet, a leading fiber internet service provider, Securence, a leading provider of email filtering software, and Ravon, an industry-leading digital voice communications service. 

It was Joe’s venture, Municipal Parking Services (MPS), that inspired him in 2020 to start Sentry Interactive, an advanced touchless and staffless detection platform.

Caldwell currently serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board for Municipal Parking Services (MPS), a global tech company based in Austin, TX responsible for inventing and patenting technologies that assist in parking and security enforcement.

Joe was named one of Minnesota’s 500 Most Powerful Business Leaders for the past two years—and is a seasoned corporate board member. He’s served on boards of public, private equity-backed, and venture-backed companies—and has deep industry expertise in all aspects of digital technology.

Jason Bohrer

Jason Bohrer

President and CEO
Jason Bohrer is one of the visionaries behind our mission to bring people back together safely and securely, in any environment, through Sentry’s advanced digital communications and detection platform. With over two decades of senior leadership experience, Jason’s track record of success spans across sales, operations, product innovation, strategy, and technology for domestic and global companies like Bexar Technology Partners, CPI Card Group, HID Global, and Motorola, Inc. Prior to launching Sentry Interactive, Jason was actively involved with several key technology transitions across multiple industries, including the contact and contactless EMV transitions in the U.S. payments industry and the adoption of smart card and mobile technologies in the global access and identity market. Jason was an inaugural member of the University of Chicago Executive Institute and holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin. He also serves as the Executive Director for two industry-leading not-for-profit organizations: the Secure Technology Alliance and the U.S. Payments Forum.
Kent Kubie

Kent Kubie

Vice President Sales and Marketing
Kent Kubie oversees Sentry’s commercial team, including sales, marketing, and strategic partnerships. With more than 30 years of experience in technology and sales, Kent has expertise in SaaS, Cyber Security, Enterprise software and hardware, Cloud, AI/ML Cognitive, IM, Software Solutions, Hardware Solutions, Converged Infrastructure, Virtualization, and Marketing and Sales Automation. His diverse industry knowledge ranges from healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, transportation, telecommunications, and software channels. Kent spent the majority of his career at IBM where he held numerous leadership roles across strategic account planning, channel partnerships, and sales execution for Fortune 500 clients. While at IBM, Kent also led the US Software Reseller Channel Sales team and built the global partner enablement program. Kent holds the distinguished honor of completing an executive education program sponsored by IBM and Harvard University and being a member of IBM’s Harvard Club.
Brent Terry

Brent Terry

Chief Operating Officer
Brent Terry leads the operations and solutions organizations at Sentry. This includes all product innovation, development, and operations management. A veteran in the technology space, Brent has more than 30 years of experience across a myriad of industries, like physical security technology and building automation, SAAS, hardware and software product development, internet, digital TV, interactive TV, digital media, telecommunications, and medical products and services. Prior to Sentry, Brent has spun up successful startups and led high-performing teams for some of the biggest global, Fortune 500 companies, including ARRIS, Conerco, Motive Communications, SeaChange International, and IBM. Brent holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Louisiana. He also is the committee Chairman and Program Director for a non-profit organization responsible for the rollout of smart cards for physicians and first responders.