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Software Only

Hardware Required

8-Door Controller

75″ free standing mirrored display with 58″ touch screen

Sentry Interactive app

White-Labelled app


Secure cloud-based access control

Smartphone NFC keyless entry

Smart visitor management with digital visitor passes

24/7 remote access management

Highest levels of security and military-grade encryption

Smart building door unlock data

Email & Phone Support

Guaranteed 99.95% uptime

Single Sign-On

Advanced Auditing

Room bookings & payments

Calendar integration

Virtual receptionist

Brand visual communications & advertising

Manage building facilities communication

Information, news & weather notifications

Reward & partner offers

Community events, engagement & feedback

Digital ID card

Digital eRegistration

Capacity management

Sentry Access

Sentry Access is a cloud-based access control solution that doesn’t require any new hardware to equip a building with smartphone NFC door access, smart visitor management, and unlock data insights. The Sentry Access cloud infrastructure integrates into existing major access control brand systems and links contactless NFC door tiles to enable secure smartphone NFC door entry.

Sentry Control

Sentry Control is the Sentry access control hardware solution to smartphone building access. A stand-alone smart door access control system for buildings that have an internet connection and doors close to PoE sockets. Our Sentry Access Controllers use the renowned Axis One Click Connect Technology.

Sentry Tower

The Sentry Tower provides a digital front of house solution for any workspace. Displaying facility information, building updates, user schedules, and external notices. The digital receptionist feature creates a cost-effective personable solution for user check-ins or general facility inquiries.
Sentry Workplace Experience

Sentry Workplace Experience

The Sentry Workplace Experience is the complete Sentry Interactive package. Combining the Sentry Interactive Tower with Sentry Access to create an integrated workplace management system that offers smart access control, smart visitor management and digital workplace communications to help streamline building flow and bring work teams back together.

Sentry Integrations

Optional Extras

Sentry’s SDK integrates with other networked products, not just access controlled doors. Your building’s printers, elevators, lockers, storage facilties and outdoor parking can all be controlled with Sentry Access. Contact us today to find out more about these optional extras.

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