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Purposeful Products

When we set out to design our advanced digital communications and detection platform, we were laser-focused on how we could help any work or gathering place bring people back together. Before getting started, we talked with our existing and potential customers to ensure we understood what mattered most. We also took a purposeful approach to design and development of all our products and solutions—ensuring each was field-tested, scalable, and enterprise secure. From the smallest mom an pop to fortune 500, our solution can be tailored to meet your needs. We are Better Together.

of executives say organizations will need to consider new workplace strategies to remain competitive.

Harvard Business Review

The Next Narrative

We won’t dwell on the past too much. We all had our own challenges in the Spring of 2020, personally and professionally. We all experienced the overwhelming shock and awe of companies across the globe, and nearly every business sector, coming to a screeching halt. For the first time high value brick and mortar facilities sat as empty shells of their previous selves. The soul of these organizations hid away in their homes, not knowing what to do, or how to interact with the rest of the world. How would we ever come back together again?

Many organizations and their employees were ill-prepared for this new “hybrid workplace” and had to quickly adapt their strategies to the new normal existence of the pandemic. Some of these changes—such as the rapid shift to remote workforces—were meant to be short-term responses to keep operations running, and employees safe against an extraordinary and unprecedented threat. But the responses also revealed new, and in some cases, more effective ways of working. As organizations start returning to offices, retail spaces, and schools many leaders are trying to figure out how to integrate the positive lessons learned and protect against some of the mistakes we’ve all made along the way. Leaders are rethinking workplace policies to meet evolving business goals, such as improving agility and flexibility, while also enhancing business resiliency and reducing business risk on-premises. Our goal is to allow people to return to any gathering places safely and securely – on our own terms.

With our approach to reimaging modern work and play environments, the ideal solution for your organizations is finally within reach.

We focus on functionality based on today's complex and evolving work and play environments.

Brent Terry / Head of Innovation and Design

How We Can Help

Our products and solutions were designed from countless conversations with existing and potential clients to find out what was most important to their business, their communities, their universities, and their people. In the end, we see great value in bringing people back together—and we offer the tools and technologies required to do so in a safe, secure, and data-driven environment.

Our products combine:

  • Screening technology
  • Surveys
  • Visitor management
  • Internal communications
  • Safety and security
Let Sentry help you engage your employees, business owners, and guests on a level that allows for improved productivity and peace of mind when coming together in almost any environment.

Features that Scale

Sentry Interactive takes a unique approach to visitor management by leveraging the visitor's smartphone as part of the credentialing and access process. Each visitor receives a unique digital key that is only good for a specified timeframe. This creates a frictionless experience for the visitor while allowing secure host notification and easy integration with the facility’s policy guidelines. Sentry also eliminates the need for sign-in books and temporary badge distribution, promoting digital transformation and sustainability—and providing enhanced security via the smartphone’s native security features.

Sentry Interactive is revolutionizing the access control marketplace. Our solution requires no physical badges or cards, no wires, no drilling to mount controllers on the wall—and it’s two times more secure. Using a smartphone, with its built-in security, immediately gives you an extra layer of security without expending any additional effort or cost. And, if you want to bring your security profile to its highest level, we enable facial recognition as well. Allowing employees, visitors, and contractors to use their smartphones or wearables as the credentialing device creates a much more efficient user experience and significant cost savings for you. Just imagine the savings you will gain from being able to issue credentials without ever having to take pictures, print, or reprint traditional badges and cards again.

Implementing our remote receptionist module gives you the option to reduce staff or provide an added level of physical safety for your existing front office staff, as they interact with visitors in a touchless environment. Now, one person can manage multiple lobbies remotely, creating cost savings for you and added comfort for your receptionists. Your employees and visitors will encounter an immersive experience that is frictionless, engaging, and synonymous with the quality of service the world has come to expect.

Self Service is the new concierge and Sentry Interactive empowers you to provide a level of enrichment that you and your community could only imagine. Now your employees, visitors, and contractors can use their phones for just-in-time credentialing, 24/7 support, greater levels of security, and a variety of options never before available. It's like going from a 9-volt transistor radio to using Apple Music™.

User experience and high security were once mutually exclusive. However, now you can have both with our Enterprise package. Enabling facial recognition as part of the credentialing process, you can ensure only properly credentialed individuals have access to the specific places allowed by your policy. It’s efficient and seamless for them—and offers a more sound, accurate, and sophisticated level of security for you.

In today’s environment, businesses must be prepared to address and adapt to constantly changing vaccination policies. Being able to easily capture and document vaccine passport information, testing results, and other information is now a basic requirement. Our solution provides an efficient and effective way to ascertain this information from employees, visitors, and contractors—and allows you to accurately leverage it for documentation purposes. This is key for maintaining critical business continuity and successful, ongoing business operations.

Building the foundation for a hybrid workplace is new for everyone—and being able to better understand your capacity guidelines and manage building utilization guidelines is more important than ever. Sentry’s solution is your game-changer. You can quickly and accurately collect this information at the source, tapping into robust analytics for better decision-making and reporting.

Your people are your biggest asset, and ensuring they’re healthy, safe, and compliant is of the utmost importance in today’s environment. Sentry Interactive’s solution is fully customizable and offers many different options that make it easy for you to gather information from your users about their wellness and compliance with your unique safety guidelines. And because we can integrate directly into your backend systems, these surveys can be time-stamped for better reporting and analytics.

Employee engagement is critical when navigating an ever-evolving work and play environment. With Sentry Interactive’s advanced integration and architecture, critical and timely messaging for employees, visitors, contractors, and students are just a click away.

Custom Solutions for Everyone and Every Environment

Sentry has taken a customer-first approach to the marketplace. We have listened to feedback from customers and potential clients across a variety of industries to ensure we have the right solutions at the right price. Our model allows organizations to start simple and grow based on current trends and needs—and it provides the flexibility to flex up or down as your work environments continue to evolve with the times. Getting started was never easier!

Wellness Screening

  • Temperature Screening
  • Mask Compliance
  • Health Survey
  • Vaccine Passport Capture
  • Reporting & Integration

$300 / Month Value, FREE

Visitor Management

*All Wellness Screening plus…

  • Digital Receptionist
  • Visitor Management
  • Host Notification
  • Workplace Capacity Management

$500 / Month

Enterprise Management

*All Wellness Screening and Visitor Management functions plus…

  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Facial Recognition
  • E-911 Capability
  • Watchlist Integration
  • Door, Elevator, Turnstyle Integration

$650 / Month

Sentry Interactive Tower


  • Virtual receptionist
  • Visitor Management
  • Host notification
  • Workplace Capacity
  • Temperature Screening
  • Mask Compliance
  • Health Survey
  • Vaccine Passport Capture
  • Reporting & Integration



  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Facial Recognition
  • Management
  • E-911 Capability
  • Watchlist Integration
  • Door, Elevator, Turnstile Integration Availability

Sentry Interactive Door

Available in Q2 2022

Coming soon! Currently not available for pre-order. Contact us to learn more.

  • WiFi and Ethernet
  • Health Screening
  • Mask Verification
  • Vaccination Passport
  • OSHA/CDC Questions
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Reporting

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