Smart Campus Access

Sentry access provides smart keyless entry and smart campus management for academics without needing to install wired readers or new access control systems. We leverage smartphone technology through secure cloud-based access control infrastructure that uses NFC technology to provide the fastest, most reliable, and secure mobile door entry.
Sentry Campus

Secure Campus Access

The future of campus access management is secured with enhanced military-grade encryption, multi-factor authentication and permission based hierarchical security. Data is encrypted at rest and is fully PII compliant, providing confidence to universities and students that all data is fully protected.

Campus Unlock Insights

Sentry campus data dashboards represent real-time door unlock data to make knowing who is in a building at what time quick and easy. In the case of a campus facility emergency an admin can perform an accurate roll call and no time is wasted with all student attendance logged digitally as soon as a door is unlocked.

Campus Features

Transform your campus and student experience with mobile entry, smart visitor management, campus unlock data and communications.
Digital Student ID

Digital Student ID

Save unnecessary administration time and cost by never needing to issue replacement lost or stolen student ID and access passes again.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Manage permission-based credentials to secure students, staff, and facilities. From anywhere, at anytime.

Campus Unlock Data

Campus Unlock Data

Capture campus-wide door unlock data. Use insights to form efficient and connected campus spaces.

System Integration

System Integration

Sentry integrates into all major access control systems and can unify a combination of systems under one software platform.

Digital Room Booking & Check-in

Digital Room Booking

Streamline your students experience with digital room booking for facilities and NFC tap-to-check-in for class attendance.

Digital Campus Communications

Digital Communication

Sentry campus management portal offers digital timetable integration, campus news and notifications.

Campus Access Control Supply Solution

Struggling to issue credentials to all your students or can’t get hold of access controllers and door readers?

With Sentry Campus access there is no need to wait to get hold of hard-to-get credentials and door readers. Sentry can integrate with your systems to provide your campus with readerless smart keyless access points. Adding more doors to the keyless entry system is not a problem, all that’s needed is a Sentry NFC door tile and a smartphone or wearable that acts as a reader.

Digital Campus Communications

Digitalize communications and building information on campus with the Sentry Tower. Placed in campus dorm or faculty reception locations, the Tower displays facilities information, campus news bulletins and event updates. The Towers digital receptionist provides additional information to campus users and welcome tradespeople and deliveries with its visitor management system.
Sentry Campus Tower

Sentry Product Integrations

Smart Lockers

Student’s belongings can remain secure with Sentry’s smart locker integrations. A student can instantly be granted mobile access to a locker without having to retrieve physical keys, the only key they require is their smartphone. They can either tap the locker to open using NFC or scan the QR code for instant secure access.

Smart Printing

Access to printing coursework can all be done from the student mobile portal or just by tapping a Sentry smart printer using NFC. The ability to access a printer is keyless and remote. Reduce queue times and allow students to meet their deadlines on time with Sentry printing.

Smart Parking

Sentry parking allows for secure staff and student parking lots on campus and dorms. Students and staff with valid parking permits can control access to on-site parking lots from their smartphone or smart wearables. Sentry’s SDK can integrate into parking barriers, gates and shutters to secure any campus parking lot.

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